So if you want the fonts in your website to show up correctly, you need to also upload the .css file.  I assume.

Realised this about 20 hours after the 90 minutes I spent fixing the weird font problems on the site I uploaded yesterday.

Genius at work, clearly.

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H T M hell

So I’m making a website for the first time in, well, a looooong time.

Back in high school, I wanted to be a website developer.  This was because the internet had been around for about 6 months, and it was the most exciting thing EVER!

So in computer systems class, when I was supposed to be making a super sexy Turbo Pascal address book, I was instead working on my HTML skills.

I’d love to link you to some of the websites I made back then, but Geocities and Angelfire no longer exist, so I guess they are gone forever!  (Let’ pretend Wayback Machine does not exist, and leave it at that.)

My point is, the last HTML website I made was probably about 10 years ago.  Sure, since then I worked on intranet applications in ASP, but that was more SQL, server scripting, CMS kinds stuff.  Not the ‘easy’ kind of web programming.

Things have changed a LOT!  Or maybe I’ve jut forgotten how this stuff worked?  Websites are really annoying.  I’d forgotten that something as simple as a double space bar is complicated, and that when people makes their browsers different sizes, your perfect layout get’s screwed up.

Netherless, I agreed to make a website for my friends business.  I started by consulting a book on my shelf called, ‘Creating Web Pages with HTML’, which I assumed was going to be an HTML 3 book from 1999.  To my joy I discovered it featured HTML 4 and was published in 2003.  Unfortunately, even at this stage web design was still in the dark ages.  Frames, horizontal lines and tables with large beveled borders anyone?  I’d scan a page in but I’m lazy, and I’m sure you remember what I am talking about.

So I’ve been having weird issues with the site I am making, because I am used to working in notepad, and I’ve never used CSS before.  Now that I think about it, it’ not that complicated a page, maybe I should have just used notepad?  Dreamweaver seems to create a new CSS style every time I change the font.  And there’s a lot of weird commented out code in there for no reason.

The main thing that surprised me was that all the cool stuff I see on a lot of sites, still isn’t easy to do, or public domain.  I figured that putting a moving picture bar, or blog feeds and facebook widgets would be a simple thing.  Turns out that all those flashy easy to make websites are just using WordPress, and the ones that aren’t have tools that you have to pay for on them.  I’m kind of considering getting a php book out and working out how to write this stuff myself, but I’m not that keen.  Unless this website thing turns into a viable side business.  I did manage to find a free RSS reader script, but it took a LONG time!  The Twitter widget was easy-peasy, clicked create, pasted the code in, boom!  Facebook was a whole other story.  Create a app for your website?  What?  I had to consult Stack Overflow to figure this shit out, and there was a bunch of equally confused programmers already on there.  Way to be user friendly facebook!

So I got it done, anyway.  I hope it doesn’t look too cheap and crap.  You get what you pay for, and I am yet to receive a single beer.  I guess I’ll link it here, and maybe the google.bot will have another chance at finding it:


EDIT:  Holyshit Angelfire does still exist! http://www.angelfire.lycos.com/

EDIT EDIT: What happened to CGI scripting?  Is that still a thing?

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Opera and WordPress

I’ve been trying to make a post on my Linux laptop via Opera browser, and it just says publishing…  forever.  I thought maybe it was my internet, but ten I tried Firefox, and it worked.  I’m sure I’ve published to wordpress useing Opera before, as it is my main browser and I only use a different one if I have to, like in this situation.  So now I’m trying to post this through Opera on my Windows laptop, to see what will happen…

EDIT:  Ok that worked.  Perhaps the problem was fixed with version 12.15?  I haven’t upgraded my Mint version because Opera recommends upgrading via the operating systems software manager, but the software manager doesn’t have anything higher than 12.14 available, so I have just stuck with that version.  As I can use a different browser (or computer) if I want to update WordPress, it’s not really an urgent issue.

A lot of stuff doesn’t work with Opera.  You just live with  it.

EDIT EDIT:  OMG this edit page has shit everywhere?  What do I even click on?  Update??

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Why does Youtube suck so hard?

I’m been stewing on this for a while, but now that all the E3 video have come out, it’s all just too much.

What happened to Youtube?  My ADSL2 suffers from congestion in the evenings, and there is no way I can stream a video in real time, I need to pause and let it buffer a little.  When using Youtube, I used to press pause, move to another tab and do whatever, then come back and watch my video.  This no longer works, what’s going on?

Things I’ve noticed:

Youtube doesn’t seem to buffer when you are in another tab, and doesn’t really move much when the video is paused either.

When you move the curser to a different location on the time bar (I have no idea if that was the best way to describe that) the video starts loading again from that point.

Hitting replay at the end of the video, load the video from scratch again.  Great.

I’ve seen a few articles on this and some attempts at solutions, but nothing that really solves the problem.  I might go through this one and see if there is something I haven’t tried in there: http://techawakening.org/youtube-video-stops-buffering-when-paused/2075/

I just want to watch my Final Fantasy tech demos ect from start to finish, but it’s not possible, I have to load 15 seconds of the video, then pause it while the next little bit loads and then watch the next section.  This happens on my phone too, so it’s clrealy not browser dependent.

I’ll be search for a place to watch E3 videos on a host other than Youtube, any suggestions are welcome, as I am supposed to be studying for exams this week, so I shouldn’t really spend time on that sort of thing 😉

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New Logo

New Logo

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So after thinking about it for a while and considering the replies to my previous post (thanks!) I am going with Fedora 14. The OS I have needs to be replaced, but true, it doesn’t need to be the latest one. I might give the latest Gnome a go on one of my other computers, but for the family PC, I think the older one will be better. I managed to get my parents to use Linux when they were used to Windows, but I don’t think I should freak them out too much!

Fedora is installing now and so far, so good. I was impressed with the partitioning options it gave me, if I wanted to dual boot that would be handy. I can get W7 for free through Uni, but I have a feeling I can’t install it on this computer for some reason. Safer this way anyway. I don’t know how my parents manage to get nasties into their Windows, but they always manage. Once I move out again (yes I have temporarily moved back in with my parents) I don’t want any phone calls about how the computer has a virus.

We did get that NetComm NB5 modem virus, but I’m hoping that was a freak incident.

Fedora seems to have done an atrocious job of detecting the optimum resolution for my monitor, everything is tiny and there’s about 2cm of black around the edges! Or maybe 2048 is the default width these days?

After installing it advised me that I have 501 updates. I can’t apply any of them I just get errors. This was the problem with my old distro, and party of the reason why I wanted to upgrade. My theory is that is you don’t keep up with the updates and get too far behind, the system can’t handle it.

Like Mandriva, adobe flash player is not installed. But this time, I clicked on the package I downloaded and it installed itself, whoa! And I just fired up the terminal too! While in the terminal I threw a SUDO at the prompt and unlike Mandriva, it knew what that command was. Then I tried GCC (because that’s something you do in Linux, right?) and it didn’t know what that was, but offered to install it. It doesn’t know what CMAKE is either, but that might be ok.

I haven’t worked out how to share a folder yet, and I can’t see my network. Bit of a bummer because that’s where I backed the files up to!

Verdict: I still feel like I am using an out of date OS, but it’s better that what I had.

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Gnome 3, eeeeeeeeeee….

I’ve been pretty excited about upgrading my ancient 2010 OS, planning to use the latest Fedora as my Mandriva replacement.  I am having an ok time using Linux Mint of my laptop, what with the wireless drivers and all, but I would be more comfortable back in RPM territory, I feel.


That is, until I put the live disk in and gave it a whirl.


WTF happened to gnome?  I don’t like…


To be fair, I don’t like anything that is different.  For a tech geek, I am far from cutting edge.  I upgrade my operating systems and software when I absolutely have to.  I managed to miss Windows Vista entirely, and don’t even talk to me about Windows 8.


I’ve had a Fedora 15 disk for a while that I used to use at work to override the operating system so that I could play solitaire.  Seriously.  And I quite liked it.  It was pretty much the same as Mandriva to be honest. So I was pretty surprised when I threw the Fedora 18 live disk in prepared to install when I saw how crazy different it was!


First impression?  I hate it.


I went back to install 15 instead, but it’s only a year more recent than the one I am replacing, so really is it even worth backing up and restoring all the files for only a slight upgrade?


A quick google search shows that I am not the only one who reacted like this, though maybe I am a little late to the party.  I might watch a few video reviews of the desktop and try to keep an open mind.  I don’t want my desktop to change, but I also sorta feel like I should get used to the new way sooner rather than later.  I dunno though… I’ll have to be able to teach my Dad to use it too, as this is the computer at my parents place.


So much for upgrading my desktop tonight, *sigh*

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