ASP.NET, the demon spawn created by the unholy union of several other languages.

I mean, what is it really? I can into the ASP scene after the standard non-.NET version was already out of date, so I never really touched the original and don’t really know what it was. I mean, it is an actually programming language?

When you tell people that you are a computer programmer, they always ask, “What language do you work in?” even though most people who ask that probably don’t know the names of any languages anyway, except for Basic which they might have learned in high school (probably VB these days).

The point is, I never know what to say. Aside from not wanting to admit that I do a lot of programming in VB (I don’t want the hardcore C people to think less of me!) I do most of my work in ASP.NET, but can I really call that a language?

ASP.NET is really just a mash of VB.NET or C#, HTML and maybe some Javascript, so ASP as a language doesn’t seem to really exist, unless you count the bits that say <asp:button> ect, but I consider that to be HTML really.

The problem with ASP is that these different languages don’t really like working together. Try to wrap a little HTML around some VB controls and the whole thing stops working, so it is kind of like a butchered version of each language, you can’t do everything you can do in plain VB and you can’t do everything you can in plain HTML.

And as if working in two separate languages isn’t enough, people are always throwing scripts into the mix. I really hate looking for information about how to do something in ASP and finding heaps of Javascript examples. For starters, as someone who used to write Java applets, Javascript and Jscript kind of confuse me, cause they look kind of simular (from what I remember) but they are not. I don’t even know what VBscript is like and I’d rather not have to. Who the hell wants to write a webpage in three different languages at once? Throw in some SQL statements and you’ve got a real mesh of crap. Plus scripts won’t execute until a postback, no matter where you insert them into your code, it’s just not worth the hassle.

So WHY do I find so much Javascript in ASP code samples? I don’t want to use Javascript to preload my images, why overcomplicate things?

Oh well, better get started on that Javascript!

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