Linux File Sharing

I’m backing up the desktop to put a new OS on there. It doesn’t have much on it, word docs, our photos, the entire collection of things worth saving comes to a measly 14 gig. I am however, temporarily stuck trying to work out how to get those files offa there. For some reason, a USB hard drive does not register with this computer. Whether it’s a Linux thing, or a condition of ancient USB ports, I am not sure, hey I just realised there is no spell checking going on. Hmmm… What up, LibreOffice? Anyway, apparently some kind of flash drive is in order. As all my USB sticks are 4 gig and under, and my biggest SD card is 8, I don’t really have anything suitable. Note to self, it’s time to get a decent USB stick.

As I’ve got up to 5 computers here on the network at any one time, simply transferring the files could be an option. I’ve tried before to get Windows 7 Homegroup to work with non-Windows 7 computers (and never had any luck…) but perhaps I can get the Linux computers to talk to each other. I am trying at the moment to allow my backup folder on the desktop to be sharable. Mandriva told me that it would need to install Samba Server in order to do that. I doubt it will work. Right now it’s trying to download a package called drakxtools-curses (sounds fun) but the progress bar isn’t moving. My internet is pretty crap, but it’s not that bad, somethings clearly not happening there. I’m going to try create a share folder on the Mint machine, and see if Mandriva can talk to that. Mint didn’t ask me to download anything, it just put a share icon on the folder. Let’s see who can access it?Azalea – Laptop – Windows 7, can see Daphne and Jonquil and access the share folder
Jonquil – Netbook – Windows XP, can see Azalea and Daphne and access the share folder
Daphne – Laptop – Linux Mint, can see Azalea and Jonquil but can’t get into any share folders
Pansy – Desktop – Mandriva Linux, can see all the others, and was able to get a file out of the share folder.
Why can none of the others see Pansy? I don’t know, and I don’t really care. Can I put the backup files into Daphne’s share folder? I do care. Let’s find out.

No. Damnit. That’s the one thing I needed to be able to do. I don’t have permissions to create files at the destination it tells me. I’ll look into that.

Aside from that, getting 4 different operating systems to talk to Samba on Mint was surprisingly simple (there is a Vista laptop kicking around as well, but I don’t feel like I need to get that involved.) Pretty much the only thing the Windows machine will share with is the PS3. I might look into trying to get it to share it’s files with the linux machines at some point, because it has most of the video stored on there.

I had another look at the share folder settings, and changed so everyone can do everything and voila! Mandriva can send files to Mint. Brilliant. Let the backing up begin. Once I get this desktop reformatted I must look into turning it into a media server. Samba seems much better suited to the task that Homegroup.

P.S.  14 gig across my wireless is going to take 1 hour 45 mins apparently.  I’m actually impressed with that.

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