Gnome 3, eeeeeeeeeee….

I’ve been pretty excited about upgrading my ancient 2010 OS, planning to use the latest Fedora as my Mandriva replacement.  I am having an ok time using Linux Mint of my laptop, what with the wireless drivers and all, but I would be more comfortable back in RPM territory, I feel.


That is, until I put the live disk in and gave it a whirl.


WTF happened to gnome?  I don’t like…


To be fair, I don’t like anything that is different.  For a tech geek, I am far from cutting edge.  I upgrade my operating systems and software when I absolutely have to.  I managed to miss Windows Vista entirely, and don’t even talk to me about Windows 8.


I’ve had a Fedora 15 disk for a while that I used to use at work to override the operating system so that I could play solitaire.  Seriously.  And I quite liked it.  It was pretty much the same as Mandriva to be honest. So I was pretty surprised when I threw the Fedora 18 live disk in prepared to install when I saw how crazy different it was!


First impression?  I hate it.


I went back to install 15 instead, but it’s only a year more recent than the one I am replacing, so really is it even worth backing up and restoring all the files for only a slight upgrade?


A quick google search shows that I am not the only one who reacted like this, though maybe I am a little late to the party.  I might watch a few video reviews of the desktop and try to keep an open mind.  I don’t want my desktop to change, but I also sorta feel like I should get used to the new way sooner rather than later.  I dunno though… I’ll have to be able to teach my Dad to use it too, as this is the computer at my parents place.


So much for upgrading my desktop tonight, *sigh*

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2 Responses to Gnome 3, eeeeeeeeeee….

  1. Jeannie says:

    Try the MATE desktop environment, it looks and feels like Gnome 2 and should be available in teh latest fedora release too.

  2. I can relate to this! I see no real need for you to “upgrade”, unless your current version has some sort of gaping security hole that can’t just be patched, or other limitations.

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