So after thinking about it for a while and considering the replies to my previous post (thanks!) I am going with Fedora 14. The OS I have needs to be replaced, but true, it doesn’t need to be the latest one. I might give the latest Gnome a go on one of my other computers, but for the family PC, I think the older one will be better. I managed to get my parents to use Linux when they were used to Windows, but I don’t think I should freak them out too much!

Fedora is installing now and so far, so good. I was impressed with the partitioning options it gave me, if I wanted to dual boot that would be handy. I can get W7 for free through Uni, but I have a feeling I can’t install it on this computer for some reason. Safer this way anyway. I don’t know how my parents manage to get nasties into their Windows, but they always manage. Once I move out again (yes I have temporarily moved back in with my parents) I don’t want any phone calls about how the computer has a virus.

We did get that NetComm NB5 modem virus, but I’m hoping that was a freak incident.

Fedora seems to have done an atrocious job of detecting the optimum resolution for my monitor, everything is tiny and there’s about 2cm of black around the edges! Or maybe 2048 is the default width these days?

After installing it advised me that I have 501 updates. I can’t apply any of them I just get errors. This was the problem with my old distro, and party of the reason why I wanted to upgrade. My theory is that is you don’t keep up with the updates and get too far behind, the system can’t handle it.

Like Mandriva, adobe flash player is not installed. But this time, I clicked on the package I downloaded and it installed itself, whoa! And I just fired up the terminal too! While in the terminal I threw a SUDO at the prompt and unlike Mandriva, it knew what that command was. Then I tried GCC (because that’s something you do in Linux, right?) and it didn’t know what that was, but offered to install it. It doesn’t know what CMAKE is either, but that might be ok.

I haven’t worked out how to share a folder yet, and I can’t see my network. Bit of a bummer because that’s where I backed the files up to!

Verdict: I still feel like I am using an out of date OS, but it’s better that what I had.

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