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So if you want the fonts in your website to show up correctly, you need to also upload the .css file.  I assume. Realised this about 20 hours after the 90 minutes I spent fixing the weird font problems on … Continue reading

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H T M hell

So I’m making a website for the first time in, well, a looooong time. Back in high school, I wanted to be a website developer.  This was because the internet had been around for about 6 months, and it was … Continue reading

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Opera and WordPress

I’ve been trying to make a post on my Linux laptop via Opera browser, and it just says publishing…  forever.  I thought maybe it was my internet, but ten I tried Firefox, and it worked.  I’m sure I’ve published to … Continue reading

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Why does Youtube suck so hard?

I’m been stewing on this for a while, but now that all the E3 video have come out, it’s all just too much. What happened to Youtube?  My ADSL2 suffers from congestion in the evenings, and there is no way … Continue reading

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