Opera and WordPress

I’ve been trying to make a post on my Linux laptop via Opera browser, and it just says publishing…  forever.  I thought maybe it was my internet, but ten I tried Firefox, and it worked.  I’m sure I’ve published to wordpress useing Opera before, as it is my main browser and I only use a different one if I have to, like in this situation.  So now I’m trying to post this through Opera on my Windows laptop, to see what will happen…

EDIT:  Ok that worked.  Perhaps the problem was fixed with version 12.15?  I haven’t upgraded my Mint version because Opera recommends upgrading via the operating systems software manager, but the software manager doesn’t have anything higher than 12.14 available, so I have just stuck with that version.  As I can use a different browser (or computer) if I want to update WordPress, it’s not really an urgent issue.

A lot of stuff doesn’t work with Opera.  You just live with  it.

EDIT EDIT:  OMG this edit page has shit everywhere?  What do I even click on?  Update??

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