Why does Youtube suck so hard?

I’m been stewing on this for a while, but now that all the E3 video have come out, it’s all just too much.

What happened to Youtube?  My ADSL2 suffers from congestion in the evenings, and there is no way I can stream a video in real time, I need to pause and let it buffer a little.  When using Youtube, I used to press pause, move to another tab and do whatever, then come back and watch my video.  This no longer works, what’s going on?

Things I’ve noticed:

Youtube doesn’t seem to buffer when you are in another tab, and doesn’t really move much when the video is paused either.

When you move the curser to a different location on the time bar (I have no idea if that was the best way to describe that) the video starts loading again from that point.

Hitting replay at the end of the video, load the video from scratch again.  Great.

I’ve seen a few articles on this and some attempts at solutions, but nothing that really solves the problem.  I might go through this one and see if there is something I haven’t tried in there: http://techawakening.org/youtube-video-stops-buffering-when-paused/2075/

I just want to watch my Final Fantasy tech demos ect from start to finish, but it’s not possible, I have to load 15 seconds of the video, then pause it while the next little bit loads and then watch the next section.  This happens on my phone too, so it’s clrealy not browser dependent.

I’ll be search for a place to watch E3 videos on a host other than Youtube, any suggestions are welcome, as I am supposed to be studying for exams this week, so I shouldn’t really spend time on that sort of thing 😉

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2 Responses to Why does Youtube suck so hard?

  1. Mr Steam says:

    YouTube Options is your friend. With it you can remove the headache of streaming (and ads). It seems like a dodgy link, but its totally not 😉

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