H T M hell

So I’m making a website for the first time in, well, a looooong time.

Back in high school, I wanted to be a website developer.  This was because the internet had been around for about 6 months, and it was the most exciting thing EVER!

So in computer systems class, when I was supposed to be making a super sexy Turbo Pascal address book, I was instead working on my HTML skills.

I’d love to link you to some of the websites I made back then, but Geocities and Angelfire no longer exist, so I guess they are gone forever!  (Let’ pretend Wayback Machine does not exist, and leave it at that.)

My point is, the last HTML website I made was probably about 10 years ago.  Sure, since then I worked on intranet applications in ASP, but that was more SQL, server scripting, CMS kinds stuff.  Not the ‘easy’ kind of web programming.

Things have changed a LOT!  Or maybe I’ve jut forgotten how this stuff worked?  Websites are really annoying.  I’d forgotten that something as simple as a double space bar is complicated, and that when people makes their browsers different sizes, your perfect layout get’s screwed up.

Netherless, I agreed to make a website for my friends business.  I started by consulting a book on my shelf called, ‘Creating Web Pages with HTML’, which I assumed was going to be an HTML 3 book from 1999.  To my joy I discovered it featured HTML 4 and was published in 2003.  Unfortunately, even at this stage web design was still in the dark ages.  Frames, horizontal lines and tables with large beveled borders anyone?  I’d scan a page in but I’m lazy, and I’m sure you remember what I am talking about.

So I’ve been having weird issues with the site I am making, because I am used to working in notepad, and I’ve never used CSS before.  Now that I think about it, it’ not that complicated a page, maybe I should have just used notepad?  Dreamweaver seems to create a new CSS style every time I change the font.  And there’s a lot of weird commented out code in there for no reason.

The main thing that surprised me was that all the cool stuff I see on a lot of sites, still isn’t easy to do, or public domain.  I figured that putting a moving picture bar, or blog feeds and facebook widgets would be a simple thing.  Turns out that all those flashy easy to make websites are just using WordPress, and the ones that aren’t have tools that you have to pay for on them.  I’m kind of considering getting a php book out and working out how to write this stuff myself, but I’m not that keen.  Unless this website thing turns into a viable side business.  I did manage to find a free RSS reader script, but it took a LONG time!  The Twitter widget was easy-peasy, clicked create, pasted the code in, boom!  Facebook was a whole other story.  Create a app for your website?  What?  I had to consult Stack Overflow to figure this shit out, and there was a bunch of equally confused programmers already on there.  Way to be user friendly facebook!

So I got it done, anyway.  I hope it doesn’t look too cheap and crap.  You get what you pay for, and I am yet to receive a single beer.  I guess I’ll link it here, and maybe the google.bot will have another chance at finding it:


EDIT:  Holyshit Angelfire does still exist! http://www.angelfire.lycos.com/

EDIT EDIT: What happened to CGI scripting?  Is that still a thing?

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